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July 6, 2013


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December 23, 2012

Santa Soles

Marketing and Branding ourselves for success whether as a business or individual consistently permeates the airwaves as the pathway to success. So, it is not unusual to think about Santa during the holidays as a shining example of the ideal brand. The remarkable part of Santa is he is over 1000 years “old” and that hasn’t stopped or slowed him down yet. As a matter of fact, his brand has grown exponentially! So, here’s a reminder for the naughty list, when you trade traits such as wisdom, experience, reliability, respect and endurance in, for something else, you get foolishly what you pay for.

Santa is a brand that has lasted centuries. Why? His Image. The concentric Santa premise has never changed, although he has evolved and transformed culture after generation. What can we take from the core of Santa’s success? He is a giver, he makes lists, he checks them twice, he’s jolly and wise, and he even smokes a pipe. The most wondrous aspect of Santa’s business is that he is respected by all girls and boys. His customer service is always on time. He incorporates helpers into his business plan. He gives credit for all efforts and acknowledges outstanding behavior.

What I love about the Santa brand is, as his business expands, know one knows his secrets. He is so stealth about what he does, nothing can get the drop on his next move. He creates intrigued and suspense – GENIUS! But, the one sure operational maneuver is that he will deliver on Christmas. Has Santa gone over board? Can his image last for future generations? “It can also be advocated that, although Santa Claus is not real, the Christmas spirit is real.”[104] Father Christmas was sent to restore the spirit of faith in this religious season and that is eternal. I BELIEVE…

Santa had a long term plan. Do you?

Santa Brand Book

No brand is safe from European branding gurus Blankkplatz, not even this one.
The Santa Brand Book – Quietroom

Santa. Brand Book. How to live the brand. Meet it. Greet it. Eat it. Distribution of
this Brand Book is strictly controlled and limited to authorised. *Santa* …
Quietroom: Brand guidelines for Santa Claus (TM)

Dec 6, 2010 … You can imagine how gloatful we were when santaclaus global enterprises
invited us to hew from our raw imagination their brand guidelines.
Santa’s Branding Strategy – Blogs – Times Union

5 days ago … Oh sure, Santa has updated his wardrobe and hairdo a bit, but his brand has
been solid for two centuries and doesn’t look like it’s going to fade.
‘Santa-centric’ Personal Branding: A ‘Claus’ for Celebration …

Dec 13, 2012 … christmas SANTA CLAUS Wallpaper If you have ever heard of Christmas,
celebrated Christmas, or sang along with such ubiquitous holiday …
Could Santa be the World’s Strongest Brand? – Reach

by William Arruda. Whether you believe in him or not. Whether you call him Santa
Claus, Pere Noel, Father Christmas or St. Nick. Whether you buy into his whole …!OpenDocument
swissmiss | Santa Brand Book

Dec 16, 2010 … The Santa Brand Book is one of the funniest branding spoofs I have come across.
Ever. Hat tip to Quietroom for pulling off the Santa Brand …
Branding Santa | Wilmington Design Company Blog

Dec 6, 2012 … Branding Santa The WDC team became immersed in the research phrase,
creating mood boards, hanging seasonal decor in the office before …
Santa Claus, place branding and competition | C. Michael Hall …

“Santa Claus has been described as the world’s strongest brand. Although Santa
Claus has been examined in the context of product and retail branding the …
10 Branding Tips from Santa. |

4 days ago … iStock 000002314619XSmall 150×150 10 Branding Tips from Santa. Whether
you celebrate Christmas or not, you’ve got to admit Santa Claus …

NORAD Photo credits

NORAD Photo credits

October 19, 2012

The Letters of Trust


Shimmering radiant alabaster glows like sunlight in pure hearts.

April 11, 2012

Todd The Frog by Melissa D. Nourigat

Todd & Jane


Todd The Frog
®©There once was a frog named Todd, who couldn’t get off his log. He ranted and raved about the mistakes he had made and there he sat all day long.

Then, along came a Dame named Jane, she sat with Todd for a while and with a nod hopped off the log and said, “see, how easy was that!?”

Now, Todd and Jane go singing along through all kinds of weather together, hopping in stride down a long road of life never to look back again. ©®

December 3, 2011

Successful Week to Celebrate w/ Our AMD FSA Team

Mama Mia's

November 6, 2011

Princess Diary – These Shoes Are Rock’n!

These Shoes Are Rock’n!

Just finished the week off joining the cold & flu season, but left work having secured 80% of our community mission activities – SO excited to be partnering with our local organizations to help their causes. Fast track to get pre-op messages out. Stay Tuned!!

"Hearts of Gold" 1st Annual Fundraiser

July 27, 2010

Is Virtualization for You?

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As a business what is your ROI when your IT network goes down? What about, security threats, viruses or managing hardware? What if all kinds of patches and other hardware monitoring could be done seamlessly?

That is Intel’s VPro Virtualization, technology that allows you to keep working with minimal down time or rebooting periods, bringing your bottom line up.

Citrix online has something similar they are offering. I’ve used Citrix at companies such as Advanced Micro Devices and Nike with adequate results. Things seemed to take a while or work a around needed to be made for productive use and that was, well, in need of improvement.

I recently had an opportunity to experience Citrix Online remote assistance when my LAN line provider migrated from Verizon to Frontier Communications. It was painless and flawless due to the knowledgeable customer service rep helping me align my Outlook settings properly to the redirected new settings. she took control of my home computer using a series of maneuvers and access authorization that allowed her o low through the tabs quickly and check where I had missed a small step in the order of operations to align Outlook with my new email address, just like when I worked at Intel. It was really helpful!

From a corporate environment I prefer Intel’s VPro remote service, as it has a much more robust capacity to flawlessly handle the back end of business applications as well as network functionality. In my five years of working at Intel I can never recall an incident involving any down time, as a result, the virtual machines keep the business running. It truly is a magnificent product. There were a few glitches in hosted applications, but those were not Intel designed, they were outsourced or purchased software applications.

Virtualization is not just for large companies anymore and is more affordable than ever whether you own a single computer or multiple computers on a network.

The virtualization aspect allows you to identify, isolate and solve issues constantly monitored through virtual troubleshooting before the technician needs to be called out or the hardware goes to the shop. Depending on your preference for open-source networking or product preferred packages then you have a choice.

But, the real choice is to get virtualization in your business today!

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