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November 24, 2013

Interview Like Your Dating?

Maybe. If you are at all finally getting the jest of why you may or may not be getting the jobs you are interviewing for, I find job searching is much like dating.

The tag “can’t live without it” has been on my mind recently after a few interviews. As an applicant, the employers have such intriguing qualities I want in my work environment. But, how do I woo them into hiring me and get what I need?

In dating, people are attracted to each other for all kinds of possibilities, just like an employer. Life, work, love is a concentric hub zone of people. When you find the right place, all the past obsessing comes to a close.

For men and women life is emotional, we all, on some level, sense chemistry. How we approach the “goodness of fit” or “badness”, that “right” gut instinct, the opposite of when abandon kicks in and just go with it. The abandon is the gut that didn’t listen or wasn’t paying attention.

The saying, “there are two sides to every story” is so apt. How you feel, how they feel, it all works, it’s all good until someone gets hurt. That agh of rejection, demoralizing, fragility. In love we have the Choice to say ya or nay.

Unlike dating, employment isn’t left with a choice to turn an opportunity down. But, when abandon pans out, it is all good.

Interviewing, like dating, references all the courtship like similarities. Checking out background, credentials, social connections, the buzz, only on a higher technical level. As recruiters try to pair up individuals, the social amortization affords a small window to the whole person. So, you look good on paper, they bring you in, your polished, sincere, evident, and the hiring manager wants to meet you.

The key like in a good relationship, is be honest. Start out with a great attitude, :-0) “gratitude”.

If anyone says life is perfect I hope I get to meet them someday, because that is not the norm and there will never be perfect, but an ideal can come pretty darn close. Why should we be penalized for breaking up with someone that wasn’t a good fit? To acknowledge the disconnect is better than arguing it was perfect. Move on. Hopefully the next “date” will have all the fan fare well deserved and you will make them feel unforgettable

When I did date, I loved putting on my best for “that guy”. There were butterflies and it all seemed so much fun. You know the one, the guy who takes all his dates to the same restaurant and the concierge gives the nod, because family is too close to the table for a rationale deduction of character in the early stages of a relationship. You got the nod because you treated them with respect and appreciation. It’s all about how you would treat a stranger in any situation, that shows good character. Kindness is a quality that will take you far and wide.

If you can get that feeling back professionally courting an employer, the best is yet to come.


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