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Mystic Dream

March 9th, 2011

After waking from my dream, I wrote these words from the vision.

©®”Many tribes have spoken, many tribes have grown, many tribes have come together in peace as it’s been foretold.  Look to the silver streaks from the stars above, there is a hidden story, that comes from the North.”©®

©®In my dream I saw Tribes people painted with white markings carrying spears.  The amazing grouping reminded me of a herd of antelope that sprawled the Oregon desert cascading  in drones up and over the China Hat landscape.  The tribe moved together in unison without any degree of misfeature.  As the group came back to where I stood, a leader approached talking in song.  As I listened heartfelt, from the South 3 young white males approached wearing white shirts, their faces painted in white geometric writing as well, processioned in unison singing the same phrases in chorus.  Suddenly, a sharply defined meteor path lit up the night sky…. “©®


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