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Community, Politics & News – 300 Children homeless in our city alone – What We Are Doing.


I’ve learned over the last several months through my community participation that there are over 300 children living couch to couch, neighbor to neighbor, neighborhood to neighborhood every day in our city alone.

In our community we are reaching out to these kids, but we need your help.  I’m talking to the government officials, the community leaders, the legislators, businesses and the schools.  There is a grass roots movement through the City of Beaverton called Beaverton Cares, a program who is distributing literature that offers free medical services and low cost medication programs.  They have been unsuccessful in getting this information into the schools where these children go to school every day – WHAT IS UP WITH THAT??  This is the primary home base for these children to get critical information that could save their lives and help their families who are not aware of these services.  They don’t all go to the library or public offices, but they are going to school every day and keeping their grades up even under this duress.

I hope all the people reading this will write a letter of recommendation to their local school boards encouraging them to allow this type of literature to be at the front desk or on bulletin boards where children and parents can find it.

I hope everyone reading this will get involved on some level.  It’s easy, many NAC’s are donating $100 towards the SAT costs that homeless graduating seniors can not afford.  You can contact your local city offices and find out what’s going on in your neighborhoods and how you can help our people here at home.


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