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December 7, 2012

Donning A Pair of S©hin Kickers

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It’s one thing to blog about similar topics, but another to implement a program or use design ideas from someone else’s work w/o giving credit, asking permission or in the least even partnering.

In recent years, after using my registered copyright logo for my signature starting over 5 years ago and adapted from a similar Christmas card copyright design from December 1993, I find it intriguing the number of logo’s with similar designs popping up, some have been out of my home town. What is Logo Copyright infringement and or Art Copyright infringement? Do I need a Lawyer? Should I be flattered? My written works containing original ideas have also been adapted into a local municipal program without due credit. I have contacted an Attorney. User Beware.

“Theoretically, you own a copyright to something as soon as you express it in a fixed format.
According to the copyright laws of the United States, a person has a “common law” copyright to a creative expression once it has been expressed in a “fixed medium.” © Copyright 1996-2008 Greenberg & Lieberman and A + Legal ServicesTM

“Advantages of Copyright Registration: A registered copyright evidences the date of creation and places others on notice as to your rights to the creation. A copyright filed today will last the creator’s lifetime plus 70 years, of if a “work for hire,” the copyright lasts 95 years from publication or 120 years from creation, whichever is shorter.” © Copyright 1996-2008 Greenberg & Lieberman and A + Legal ServicesTM

Registered Copyright

Copy Rights Reserved


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