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November 29, 2012

The Rabbit Foot Trail

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What’s your story?

Where is your Career leading you? Has your career taken the straight and narrow path or a twisted convoluted tunnel? Would you be the same person if you had taken another road? This is irrespective of the essential question, which is, where will you be today? While seeking the next direction during winds of change identify your strengths, focus your energies on what is, not maybe or past. Also, keep a journal of your thoughts while you transform.

Can you connect with challenging elements as an employee? These are immediate resource skills that can be used for a variety of employment opportunities. The blue collar and white collar worlds require the same type of commitment; dependability. If you show up for work every day, that is key in achieving advancement, it fosters trust. Trust builds respect, respect earns rewards.

If I were a recruiter, the lack of consistent employment is not always of consequence when the imminent need is to fill a position. Instead of looking at people who change jobs frequently at no fault of their own, learn about the skills they’ve obtained to arrive at their current destination.
I used to work as a float CNA in my early career path and I was able to move freely about the hospital working from floor to floor, department to department. I met people I would not have otherwise. I gained vital information that transcended into more responsibility. I learned humility, empathy and customer service at the deepest core level. I picked up on change readily and adapted to needs quickly. I LOVED IT!

Nursing is not for everyone, but it is a great place to start that is often shunned instead of tooled for short term career conditioning. That flexibility led me into adapting to Administrative work. The job description “fast paced, multi-tasking, stressful situations” fit perfectly into my transition plan. So, Admin jobs are in scarcity, getting a CNA license is a short term gain, plus you can get a med aid certificate to boot. These two credited accomplishments will also make a statement of completion and follow through. Speaking mostly to women, who are natural care givers; utilize this opportunity while you look for temporary, permanent or long term desired employment. There are light duty opportunities with home health care, nursing substitutes, or start your own business as hospice relief to people who take care of aging parents at home. It is also a great second job since nursing is 24/7/365. That means evenings and weekends are available. I encourage those looking for work to try something new and then come back to what you love with a new perspective. Admins are the first to go in recessions and downsizing, there always seem to be a shortage of CNA’s, nurses and caregivers.

Please remember volunteering is also rewarding. The stories alone are a trove of gems to treasure for life, an inheritance package we pass on for generations to follow.


November 2, 2012

Don’t Get Mad, Get Even; THE FB WALL of SHAME – ØØ TXT > Driving

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I’m not going quietly. Lately I’ve been noticing more and more people texting while driving, not to mention them almost running me off the road or into another lane or getting clipped or seeing it happen to someone else. I thought it was against the Law in Oregon to text and drive? THE POLICE need an FB WALL OF SHAME for us to post our camera phone pics of license # with these nimrods in the ACT. I’ll admit, I unconsciously have taken a call while driving realizing quickly, to leave it off and end the conversation ASAP.
Nothing is more important than your life and the lives of others – STOP TEXTING N DRIVING!!!

You want increased revenue? FINE THEM!! – that should do it!!

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