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August 31, 2012

Pod4Print – Who are you counting on?

I hope Printing projects never go away, they are a Premiere marketing tool. In today’s virtual world, it’s like being handed a gift. There is a warmth of being handed a creatively customized brochure, receiving a cleverly crafted postcard and above all handing out fully loaded 4 pocket corporate packets with all the bells and whistles and I mean this literally. When is the last time you received a logo gadget in the mail?

Today I toured the privately owned Pod4Print facility in Beaverton Oregon, a $7 + mil annual revenue local business. I was very impressed by the full service print, pack and send distribution center run by individuals with over 20 years of business expertise, catering to high profile organizations such as Portland Timbers, Pac Health, ODS and Columbia Big Brothers/Big Sisters. Pod4Print is fully sustainable, from soy based ink to paper, with FSC lean certification. WOW. I’m fully confident, when on-time delivery counts, companies can trust Pod4Print. I know my success will depend it. Check them out!


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