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June 30, 2012

Shame on Chase and Living Social! Why ‘Mission: Small Business’ is hurting small businesses more than helping them

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You nailed Shelly! Big sibling taking advantage of little sibling. Nice data mining technique beguiled. You did the math. Now, all those folks need to quickly disallow Chase into their profile information. While also remembering, not only should you be a frugal savvy shopper, but now you must be a well informed game player of social media.The one web site that comes to mind where small business are raising cash for their projects is on and does NOT “appear” backed by big business disguised, it is run by Fans contributing. I see one project raising 115k already. That’s worth the effort for posting your project. 250k is a mouth watering temptation, but now new small business might be more aware of what “lies” beneath the offer. Good Luck and Best Wishes to All.Good article and thank you.

via Shame on Chase and Living Social! Why 'Mission: Small Business' is hurting small businesses more than helping them.


June 23, 2012

Satin Slippers 2 Origin

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Where once a young one grew, on a long journey by boat, away from the revolution to a new home. A new home that had been through it’s own revolution now tied by generations long forgotten; separated by time, distance, memories of stories passed down, though name sake has not changed. Are we still family? What kinship remains? A welcome query with an auspicious moment? A dream of returning, a destiny rekindled traversed at the 46&47 parallel, home.

June 4, 2012

Todd The Frog by Melissa D. Nourigat

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Todd The Frog by Melissa D. Nourigat.

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