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May 28, 2012

Resignation Letter

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I got this in an email and thought it was cute, so to all those needing a financial blessing, here’s mine to you…

You get a call that you need to go clean out Aunt Martha’s storage garage because she died. And, you are told to bring a trailer. Sounds like a pain in the rear but out of respect for your Aunt Martha, you comply. Later you send the following letter to your boss.

Dear Boss:
I’m resigning effective immediately!
The reason for my resignation is that I cleaned my aunt’s garage this morning before
coming to work, and realized I don’t feel like working anymore.
See for yourself…

A blessing is coming to you in the form of a new job, a house, marriage or financial
break through.
Don’t ask questions just forward.
This is a money angel.
Pass it to 6 of your good friends or family and be rich in 4 Days.
Pass it to 12 of your good friends or family and be rich in 2 Days.

I am not joking. You will find an unexpected windfall.

Not holding my breath, it’s all good…


May 24, 2012

Putting on Your Galley Shoes – Career Path 101

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Haven’t found your “Calling”?

Are you struggling to figure out what industry or which direction to take your career? High School, College and back to work parents, may find that signing up with as many recruiters or temporary agencies you can will lead to opportunities that offer skill training and experience, from a wide range of various occupational industries. Career Councilors are also great at getting you headed in the right direction (Lea McLeod, M.A. Job Search & Talent Development for Young Professionals ♦

According to the US Department of Labor, Occupational Employement Statistics, Healthcare is expecting an increase of 41% growth for Administrative Assistants equating to 500,000 jobs over the next 8 years.

Working in a general office position allows a great viewpoint of many types of office careers that can be fulfilling and rewarding over time. For instance, working in a marketing department, or accounting department of a technology or manufacturing plant.

If you are good in accounting but LOVE marketing, then a chance to work for a Marketing firm in their accounting department will align you with people and opportunities to guide you in this direction. As you progress in skills by taking classes or building on training within the company, or through other resources, these are ways Superior’s take note of your actions and can help lead you to the next levels of your career.

I have a great Director and Manager who often assist in development ways like lending me their PMP books and colleagues, lending me their Ruby Programming books, because I show an interest and let other people know I want to be more than what meets the eye. Don’t settle for less in your career if you want more. If what you have is exactly perfect then polish it to perfection. My father always told me, “Be content, but never satisfied.”

Here are some career and industry statistics to research on your own:

Have fun on your Adventure!

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