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January 22, 2012

Princess Diary: The Peanutbutter Cafe

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What do you do when your favorite place to be gets so thick or sticky you loose your new shoes?  Do you stomp about complaining how hard it is to walk,  or simply  buy another pair of new shoes?   The best part of peanutbutter is learning to melt it so it isn’t so sticky,  melting down the thickness so it becomes malleable, palatable and tasty.  That’s how patience works.  You don’t need to buy new shoes even when things get sticky if you have patience.

Patience is a lesson we all have to learn; some learn early, others have to learn the hard way, repeatedly.  Like learning to spread cold peanutbutter on soft bread.  It takes patience and learning techniques to make the combination successfully work together.   My favorite combination is peanutbutter and honey or strawberry jam, yummy.

A life of constant instant gratification can often cause missing the most important aspect of patience, the moment.   God makes us wait for a reason, he wants us to enjoy the moment for a reason, so he intentionally puts obstacles in our path to teach us patience.

If you find yourself in the Peanutbutter Cafe, you have a choice, you can remove your shoes and feel the soft smoothness that oozes between your toes, the way your warmth melts down the thickness and thins it out.  You can learn techniques like toasting the bread to melt the peanutbutter or wait until the room has warmed the jar.  That’s what patience feels like when used properly.

Or, you can go buy another pair of new shoes.

PS don’t eat the peanutbutter after your feet have been in it :–)


January 8, 2012

Sharing a Quote

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This is so beautiful I wanted to share it –

By, The Greatest Things In Life Can’t Be Touched
“A woman’s heart should be so hidden in Christ that a man should have to seek Him first to find her.”
~Maya Angelou~
It is never too late.  May your journey reveal all that you desire.

January 4, 2012

Princess Diary 2012: All Dressed Up, No Need for Shoes!

Happy New Year Everyone! XXOO

I was so fortunate to have had a friend and colleague, Pallavi, visit her family in India this last November.  I approached her to assist me in having a Sari made from material that had been given to me by a wonderful Engineer when I worked for Agilent Technologies.  That was over 12 years ago and I had not been able to turn this beautiful material into a garment.   I was so delighted when Pallavi returned with a tailor made traditional Sari, fit to my body specifications.  These are made in a very particular way and we took lots of measurements.  We took a few short lessons in how to wrap the material and viola!  All wrapped up, fit for Christmas under the tree!  The fabric is a common color in India, but to me it is exoticly luxurious, like swimming in the Aegean Sea.  I call it Aegean Blue.  I feel like a Princess Goddess wrapped inside held together by a golden thread.

My 2012 World Wish: Be Kind to one another so in turn we will all be treated in likeness.

Respect thyself so others will do the same.

May You Be Blesseed in All Ways Possible

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