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December 11, 2011

Titanium Heals

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While a domicile fundraiser just wasn’t quite enough, a radiation seminar was the rocket launch to ending a great week!    I’m looking forward to spending time with friends creating priceless memories and always sharing great laughs.

PS.   Sudhir Oberoi, Health Physicist, Oregon Health Authority made a joke about people sleeping together emit more radiation than people who don’t.  I said that was just another excuse for an intelligent man not to commit. The benefits produced out weigh all the cost.

In retrospect, perhaps that’s where the all elusive Higgs particle has been hiding all along, the core of love through the Membrane potential … perhaps scientist have been looking in all the wrong places?  For the atoms to co-habitat in perfect harmony they must be a bionically excitable charged particle, in an electrically neutral state with a twist of voltage please.  It’s all about the energy.  It is unmistakable when it forms.


December 5, 2011

Will You

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®©Gentle eyes that look upon my face.

Gentle smile with warmth in my embrace.

Gentle words that caress my ear.

Gentle heart forever will endear.

Gentle man in likeness, sincerity repose.®©

MDN ®©

December 3, 2011

Successful Week to Celebrate w/ Our AMD FSA Team

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