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November 28, 2011

Hoot Hoot

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A friend says they’ll be in PDX this week and wants to meet.  And I say, “that all depends.  I’m hosting a fundraiser and all week F2F.  If you don’t mind the burnt hair and melted shoes you’ve got a date!”

Tuesday the beautiful 18′ donated tree goes up, let the decorating begin!!  I hope it turns out as pretty as I imagine it.

Not 18′, but a perfect 12′ with additional touches to go.

Simple  Elegance

Simple Elegance

NicePublic Service Building Lobby Wreath 12/2011


November 26, 2011

Mystic Dreams

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March 9th, 2011

After waking from my dream, I wrote these words from the vision.

©®”Many tribes have spoken, many tribes have grown, many tribes have come together in peace as it’s been foretold.  Look to the silver streaks from the stars above, there is a hidden story, that comes from the North.”©®

©®In my dream I saw Tribes people painted with white markings carrying spears.  The amazing grouping reminded me of a herd of antelope that sprawled the Oregon desert cascading  in drones up and over the China Hat landscape.  The tribe moved together in unison without any degree of misfeature.  As the group came back to where I stood, a leader approached talking in song.  As I listened heartfelt, from the South 3 young white males approached wearing white shirts, their faces painted in white geometric writing as well, processioned in unison singing the same phrases in chorus.  Suddenly, a sharply defined meteor path lit up the night sky…. “©®

(March 31st  9:00PM PST)

November 16, 2011

Hearts of Gold 2011 Fundraiser Pick a Tag – Bring a Gift

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Gifting. Giving. Lifting

Hearts of Gold 2011 Fundraiser

The Downtown Development Group with AMD have partnered to present “Hearts of Gold” season of giving fundraiser for local family agencies in need. We are currently collecting food donations for the Portland Police Sunshine Division. Barrels are set up in the Public Service Building lobby @ 920 SW Sixth Ave, Portland Oregon 97204. Follow the Signs…

You can also contact the Sunshine Division directly

More Activities to Follow – Stay TUNED IN!

I AM DANC’N!!! :-)!!

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I AM DANCING!!! :-)!! Got our Carolers for 12/19 Patron Reception

November 6, 2011

Princess Diary – These Shoes Are Rock’n!

These Shoes Are Rock’n!

Just finished the week off joining the cold & flu season, but left work having secured 80% of our community mission activities – SO excited to be partnering with our local organizations to help their causes. Fast track to get pre-op messages out. Stay Tuned!!

"Hearts of Gold" 1st Annual Fundraiser


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©® Should gentle drops touch your face or hand, then let it be the window to the rainbow in it’s pane, where God will shine his glory of tender hearts in Love. ©®

©® Cornucopia of Grace ©®

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©® Cornucopia of Grace ©®

I fell and there were arms and hands that held me up.

I walked forward and there were lives and stories shared along the way.

I watched and there was a world of wonderment that enveloped my vision.

I listened and there were voices of consoling, encouragement and wisdom.

I loved and there was love that filled my senses.

I followed the beacon and light was shed upon my darkest obstacles.

I over came and rejoiced in the world. ©®

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