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October 31, 2011

Princess Diary

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I had SO much fun this weekend I need to buy new shoes!


October 16, 2011

©®”A shoe box is too narrow for a full life”©® MDN

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October 10, 2011

My Poetry Corner

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My Poetry Corner.

October 2, 2011

The Career Crunch

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There are certainly periods in our lives where it seems a cloud just won’t leave, but I assure you don’t give up, keep sending in the resumes and make sure you get signed up with recruiters and staffing agencies.

Are you looking into a variety of different industries? Have you looked for quick attainable licences to subsidize your current income?

Get to the career counseling places at local community colleges and try to find a volunteer activity where you feel good about helping and where you can network. Networking is a large piece of the equation. This is where people get to know “you” and share opportunities or other people that you can connect with from there.

I was recently unemployed for 3 years. I’m now employed with a FABULOUS company and people. The world tells us it is all about the right fit (bologna on wheat-bread), you should fit in anywhere as long as you have the right skills. Our new CEO equated our company to “Pirates” – LOLOL What’s that say about me? 😉

There are going to be hardships all along life’s path and this is when the tough get going!

Expand, think out side of the box. What can you bring to the table? If you were going to a dinner party or your friends house, do you go empty handed or do you offer to bring something based on the occasion? This is how you should think about your work and potential employers. That’s how they are thinking when it comes to their customers – what can I offer my customers who are paying money for our services and products. Working is business and the worker needs to get inside the head of the companies they want to work for. Companies go to extensive time and resources to research their competition all the while building on new opportunities.

A lesson in accounting is taking stock in your self while pushing beyond the envelope of what currently presents itself.

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