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September 19, 2011

Growing Up in a Military Family

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This was the best time of my life!

We traveled to far away foreign lands, in hindsight, under very dangerous missions, but hey that’s how it was. My mother says they sent the families with the men to keep them from “just disappearing.”

My Father Gary, in early 1947 entered the US Army Military Service. My Uncle Bob had joined the Navy, serving in WWII, Korea and Vietnam. During the Korean War, 1950 Dad had been wounded in action from a behind enemy lines mission relaying intelligence to commanders. His 5 friends and buddies were killed in the fire fight against a North Korean platoon. Dad’s career traversed many interesting quests landing him in Germany where he met our mother Cay. Mom initially worked for American Airlines as a ticket agent, graduated from Augustana College and lost her brother, Lt. Kay Velotte Cashman KIA during WWII as well as her father, Fred Knappen Cashman of a heart attack the same year. Mother herself was a miracle of life having been born premature the size of a teacup. Her Mother Catharine Velotte Cashman had graduated from Williamsport Pennsylvania School of Nursing , worked for a General as a Red Cross Army Nurse and was able to keep her alive using an eyedropper for feeding, with a shoe box as her crib. At 3yo mother was run over accidentally while Grandpa Kay was backing out of the drive and survived this too.

It was 1954 and my mom tells it such that, “I “knew” I was going to marry your father.” By August 22, 1954 they were married.

They have survived the great depression, 3 wars, typhoons, tornadoes, flooding, earthquakes, sandstorms and been around the world 3 times with kids to name a few.

Dad’s badges are of the 43rd Signal Co., 7th Army, 25th Infantry, 35th Infantry, NATO command, STRATCOM, MACV. For starters they’ve traveled to Europe (Cathy was born), West Virginia (Patricia), then Taiwan (Paul), San Antonio TX (Melissa Dianne), Istanbul Turkey (Izmir – Rhonda).

While in Taiwan a Japanese couple offered my Father 1 million dollars for our sister Patty, wow LOL. She really does look like a China doll, her hair is so rich and beautiful. Nourigat’s don’t make ugly babies! In pictures, my brother looks like a mini Buda boy. So does my son.

From Texas, 1960, to Istanbul through 1963 is quite the story. I barely remember as I was only 3-6mo old. As my mother tells it, we were flying into the newly built Ireland airport to find it was still under construction which had no food or facilities. My mother had asked the stewardess to keep my formula in the galley ice box. By feeding time my formula had been stolen…what not a surprise.

When we arrived in Turkey, my father went to the hotel to check in and mother in toe with all of us to find a restaurant. She decided to take the route through the village park where there was music playing and people cheering and chanting. As our party of 6 (Rhonda unborn) made way through the crowd, she arrived only to be shocked seeing 3 men bound hanging by their necks from the trees. Her immediate reaction was turning the crew from the scene as quickly as possible, but the indelible mark was imprinted, because my sisters remember this gruesome ordeal. I’ve never asked my brother if he remembers, but that should be an interesting conversation.

The Turkish laws were strict, hands were cut off for steeling, hanging for various reasons I don’t recall, but we had a body guard whose name was “O’Brien”. Mother shared O’Brien with the other military families that could not afford to have a body guard. We lived in a house that had 10′ walls and barbed wire at the top. Mother claims there were secret passages that were used by the housekeepers for burglarizing. Dad Defended a man once who had stole from him, so they wouldn’t cut off his hands. O’Brien is said to have had a wonderful disposition. I would toss my doll over the wall and through the barbed wire almost never missing and he would delightfully retrieve her just the same. We would play this game all day long. Considering I was between 6-18mo, this must have been my calling, but the height never came to make basketball a career, Rhonda got the 6′ height. Very disturbing considering I’m the athlete still shooting baskets to this day.

By any means, to look behind at family history and look forward, this was the beginning to quite an adventure.


September 18, 2011

A Remarkable Life (Seven is a Lucky Number)

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I thought it would be interesting to share some stories about my family and life.

God’s Presence (Seven is a Lucky Number)

March 31st was one of many most remarkable moments in my extra-ordinary life I’ve had the pleasure to observe. It was an ordinary quiet NW early spring evening. I was just sitting outside at 9:00-9:30ishPM PST (April 1st 12:00AM EST) and turned to look up into the night sky, thinking how magnificent God is, when I saw an event I doubt by any astronomical mathematical calculation will ever happen again. A brilliant shooting star came steaming in from the (Magnetic North) North East, between the handle and the side, ending it’s path at the center of the Big Dipper’s Cup. With just as brilliance, just as sudden, like a marble shot after hitting one another, in the same flash, from the same place in the Cup, the second star shot straight out through the mouth of the Big Dippers opening, bearings, heading directly West, creating a 125º angle of these two magnetic stars celestial bodies. It was as though god was saying “One door closes and another one opens”, “Out with the old, in with the new” or “When your cup is 1/2 full I will always refill it, keep your faith.” This time, in a miraculous way, he chose to give me a pictorial lesson. I ALWAYS believe him. This was special. The event in it of itself was awe inspiring, leaving me with delightful wonderment.

God is Good, God is Grace, Let Us Thank Him for This Place.

Z line works for me - my vantage point

September 11, 2011

©® “The American Way” ©®

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©® And so we fight day & night to bring justice forward as a nation. No tear shall fall until we’re done, because that’s the American way. Our eyes are fixed, our breath is steady, our fist is relentless in the face of our enemy, because that’s the American way. We do not boast of our victories, we stand solemn & pray, because that’s the American way. In celebration of our warrior’s returning is the only voice you will hear today, because that’s the American way. ©®

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