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September 14, 2010

Virtual Hugs & Kisses for a $1 Fundraiser

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Virtual Hugs

As the homeless rate increases across America, the danger of populations who have not known homelessness increases the need for small amounts of assistance.

What would you do if you were homeless? Where would you turn? What if your family, friends, relatives and community were all maxed out? Perhaps an acquaintance was able to put you up for a few weeks, but what after this?

You may ask, “What is keeping them from getting a job?” There are so many variables, some at no fault of their own. Perhaps, the up heave of this situation alone has not given them enough time to get situated and this is where your donation of $1 will help. Added up $1 is a lot!

Our goal is to get one person off the street and into affordable housing for at least one year. Many people are room sharing at $400/month which would put an at risk female into a safe living situation until they find work. The end goal is $5,000.00 by EOY 2010, the rest is up to you.

Today homeless shelters for women alone are at 145 person waiting list while you have to be there in person to get a bed if your name is called. This situation is a heartfelt perilous feeling for a young professional or older professional with limited resources never having been here before, let alone the millions who experience this as a life time event..

We want to offer a direction to a way forward for others, will you join us? Please help by Donating.

What you will receive for your donation is a virtual email with a hug and kiss attached. You will be added to the charitable donations list of givers with an annual January newsletter reporting our progress should you decide to leave your contact information on our site.

We also would like to state that our foundation is not yet set up as a Taxable charity, but assure everyone that these funds are going toward homeless women and children. We will have our organization listed as a non-profit at the earliest effort. “Donations” are not tax-deductible at this time.

Thank you,
Melissa OOOXXX

Virtual Hugs & Kisses Foundation

PO box 7191

Beaverton, Oregon 97007


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