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August 19, 2010

Creating video Ads as Simple as 1,2,3

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Click on the link for the Original Design.
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August 13, 2010

Using LinkedIn tools for business strategies

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Have you ever considered using a poll to build traffic to your sight and awareness of your business?
I just did:

August 8, 2010

Bluegrass Downs is official – Ribbon Cutting Dedication

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It could not have been a better day for our small celebration to have gone off without a hitch. Anne Madden with Victoria Saager of Washington County LUT Public Relations brought everything that was needed except the delicious cake which was donated by Martha @ Aloha Costco . Everything was wonderfully decorated including my son who wore the very same color scheme Anne had chosen of orange and blue. LOL

The day and events could not have been more perfect; no rain, no excessive heat, with Dick Schouten riding up on his bike to deliver his complimentary speech and Mayor Denny Doyle to offer his congratulations. Both Administrators acknowledging that long term pedestrian-bike avenues have become a focal aspect when developing municipal roadways for the future in Beaverton and Washington County. In addition, Dave Schamp getting spoofed by his team with a hoax sign.

Lots of pictures taken, the real dedication sign, trombone led procession and viola’ cutting the ribbon.

Thanks to all the Guest Participants for celebrating this wonderful addition to our lovely neighborhood. “Safe Crossings for All”!

August 3, 2010

What are your favorite Brands and why?

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I know, you love that soft white comfy pillow you bought at Nordis, but now they have gone out of stock and you cut off the tag, even though the warning says not to … Now where do you go? Is anyone blogging about the same great pillow? Can you describe the packaging, maybe someone will remember it?

Hmm, there’s something that stands out.

Why is that?

Because packaging matters to consumers. It is like wearing a signature. Consumers identify with what’s inside to who they are and how they feel about a product or brand and themselves!. The developer identifies with the consumer, because they are one, until we grow up and move on to the next love of our life. But, we never forget the exhilaration of finding just the right fit of perfection and how you would keep that item until there is nothing left behind. Or, something better comes out like ramped up speed, graphics and sound. For gamers it is a consumer market, meaning we devour everything then throw it away or trade it in. These folks are less likely to be too sentimental about hording something unusable or outdated from yesterday. However, they are likely to keep items like packaging, posters or a tee-shirt that reminds them of the first time they played that really cool Tomb Raiders game and have been a fan ever since even though they have upgraded to other vids. Then there is the clothes horse, shoe fetish, travel nut, automotive geek, boarding buzzer, and car weezer to name a few we had for people who over obsessed about a brand or collection.

I have a friend who actually has his booku sports trading card collection displayed under a Plexiglas flooring.

Consumers rant and rave and then it becomes competitive with their friends. There are a gazillion competitive ways people vi for attention just like brands. Is your favorite brand a person? Think about how stars brand themselves everyday.

What is your favorite Brand and why?

August 2, 2010

Discovering New Business Tools

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Wow – Great week discovering all kinds of new tools for business: Check out my busy week!

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