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June 23, 2010

Walker Rd “Blue Grass Downs Crossing” bridge installation begins June 25th

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We did it!!

Blue Grass Downs Crossing bridge installation begins June 25th with ribbon cutting ceremony planned for August 4th 11:00AM – 1:00PM.

Thanks to the Washington County Transportation Land Use Planning division for providing a safer crossing between 173rd and Cambray, bridging the gap by making the south corridor complete from Amber Glen to Murray blvd.

The commemoration ceremony will be held in the parking lot of Youngnak Presbyterian church with county officials, city leaders, NAC representatives and neighbors sharing in our humble appreciation for picking this project out of 250 other needy and worthy causes.

Walker Rd. is 45mph in Beaverton city limits county road with a very narrowing section that has been an area of concern for the safety of all who pass through.  There are no alternate pathways at this juncture representing a danger to motorist and pedestrians alike.  The two lane through-way has enough room on either side to accommodate only one vehicle per side and any other object is at risk of injury.

Our local NAC has sited the problems for many years and as I began my participation while also taking the Chair seat for 2010-2012 it was my mission to promote our cause.  We are grateful those in charge have heard us.  THANK YOU!


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