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February 28, 2010

Managing Work/Life Balance

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I realized it had been awhile since my last post and now have found myself engaged posting several times lately, kind of sporadic looking, but that is life.  It is my philosophy that if you don’t have something (good) to say don’t say anything at all.

I was also working full time in a temp position.  I was fortunate to have had 2 mo temp position at AMD/Advanced Micro Devices which I loved.  In the mean time the schedule was demanding since I drove downtown everyday  and why fewer posts.

I apologize to my audience as well because Word Press was new to me this last year I didn’t fully understand how to use some of the features, like finding your comments in the spam bucket!!  It never occurred to me, but I’m happy I know to look there now.  I am thrilled you like my conversations.  If I get too heavy just give me a nudge or tap on the shoulder I’ll temper my posts. It is not my intent to insult anyone, but reveal how the dilemmas that face us everyday effect me in a personal way.  We are now the role models for the future, I want them to know there are good people in the world with really great minds, we just haven’t been heard or connected.


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