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October 2, 2009

Teaching By Example

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This week I had a double edge sword opportunity to teach my young son about respecting authority and taking responsibility for our actions.

I got a ticket in July for misusing a turn lane and had to appear in court.  At the time I was not sure how to approach this since I honestly did not know we couldn’t do that and I had seen so many other people doing the same thing.  However, in this moment as well the officer rightly pointed out that my tags were expired; my license plates did not match my VIN #, my DMV records or my insurance card.  OH MY LORD – What!?  I was so shocked since I had just bought the car from a local dealer who I paid for all this up front.  Thank Goodness I had all this paperwork on my person and was able to prove my innocence on the scene.  If I hadn’t I was sure to have gone to jail.  The officer was very kind and understanding instructing me to go directly to the dealer and get things worked out which I did after I picked my son up late from the Police Activities League where is was for the day.

When I arrived for court the Honorable Judge  Shendel was an AWESOME man.  He should do stand up comedy.  His sense of humor made me feel at ease.    I bobbled with how I should plea and so he set a hearing date.

My son has been increasingly disrespectful to his teachers and authority figures including me, so when he got sent home from school the same day I was due in court I decided I was going to plea no contest to be an example to my son. I explained in court that I wanted my son to learn from this experience and the Judge was outstanding, so he let me speak.  First I apologized to the officer for taking his valuable time and wanted to plead no contest.   I then stated I wanted to take responsibility for my actions even if I didn’t know I did something wrong, that no matter if we think we are not wrong in doing something we still must be respectful to authorities and accountable for our actions because the laws are there for a reason.  At that moment the Judge said he thought this was outstanding and because I had such an immaculate driving record he was going to dismiss my case which he could not do very often, but can in special cases.  I turned to my son and added that because I kept such a good reputation with the law of authority in our community this helped my case and that’s what he needs to do for himself.  When we behave well good things come around. The Judge asked him to tell him about himself and so Chase went on about his school, his very good grades, Boy Scouts, how he liked where he lived, and that he would be a good boy.

He has been a very good boy since then and I am very proud of him for understanding the lesson I was trying to teach him.


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