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August 11, 2009

Not Your Average CRMS (Client/Customer Relation Management Systems) – Office Professional Must read. If you are dealing with any part of client/customer relations management then this is for you!

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1) I want to share a super and economical Administrative tool/program that will help anyone who provides a card campaign for their office or clients. You be the judge, then send me your feedback.

Patti Glick an RN posted a message to another group that I responded to and boy am I glad I did. I invited Tameka Thomas to our webinar too. Patti was looking for back up to helping her off load some of her customers card campaign management which fit right in with the VA business we’re running. As she explained what she was looking for it was apparent that this was a bigger opportunity than just helping her. This was exactly what I was looking for to help me attract clients and manage a larger group of customers or projects through automation. I also realized any office manager would appreciate this particular card campaign program too because it is so easy to use, time saving and economical.

Concierge services are one of my more appealing VA tasks now that I found this program AND something I was searching for an answer on how-to. I love this program because Electronic digital cards are too impersonal. Our Digital Age (eAge) is somewhat missing the luster in the Art of physical impressions. However, companies still use card campaigns to maintain their customer satisfaction and public relations. This is why this program is your next best business friend whether you decide to join the affiliate program or just use the products. It is so easy, so simple and SO cost effective!

Now, of course, CRM (Client Relations Management Systems) are not new. However, this one seemed more interesting and cost effective. The selection is enormous and not the cheesy CRM template styles that come with your computer software or systems. SendOutCards has over 17,000 BEAUTIFUL designs and you can create your own if you are in the least Artistic. 

Not to get side tracked, but if you are thinking of operating your own business this is the Concierge magic potion to winning the hearts of your clients and their clients and you get the idea. Secondly it works with any DB management systems like Outlook, Access and Excel – even Top Producer which is popular in Real Estate circles. Most larger companies follow up with their clients through a built in system that will print from the desktop, but not stuff, adhere, stamp, lick and mail the note card reminders, Christmas, Birthday, special anniversary, nor advertisements. Typically the office manager or support people do all this at a very costly time consuming price.

What is it worth to you if you could hand mail USPS everything for less than $1.20? Also, have 17,000 “REALLY” beautiful design choices to select from? Tameka and I both researched other CRMS options and found them to be flat out expensive or time consuming. Here’s a breakdown: (I’m sure you can come up with many others that don’t serve you well)

Cons – • Pitney Bowes cost: $38/month for another device in your office and you still have to stuff, seal, run and send your USPS mail.

• Hallmark – cost / card is around $3-4 even through their online pick and send tool.

• – Way too expensive and lacks the personalized wide card selection.

• Computer applications like publisher or Access lack appealing templates and you still have to do all the work.

• Going to the store to purchase cards even in bulk is time consuming, expensive and you still have to do the manual labor.

• Individual store bought cards cost anywhere between $2-$5 and you still have to do the manual labor, plus buy stamps.

• only offers the stamps.

Pros – • SendOutCards offers first class mailing of postcards, greeting cards, brochure style cards for UNDER A DOLLAR – as well as national retail gift cards, books, gifts for all occasions, and gift baskets – all accessible from your desktop.

• SendOutCards does the printing, folding, stuffing, addressing, sealing, stamping, and mailing (all of the fulfillment) for you.

• Your contacts can be imported in minutes

• AND they will be adding a feature for tracking your mail within the next few months.

Most businesses load their budget for card campaigns. They want customers to know how much they are appreciated, reminders or with special offers, but who has the time in smaller businesses to run all that or run a better one.

If you are looking at what your competitors doing – this is how you can do it better.

Think about all the time you can save from running to the store to pick up a stack of cards or order from a printing company that gets your order wrong, buying the stamps even from – they charge $18.00/ month. What about just the fact you forgot?!

If you are interested in hearing more let me know. Tameka and I would like to run a webinar that will show you how this can benefit your office or business. When we get a group together we’ll get a consensus on a date. Let us know which calendar program works for you. I have both Google and Outlook. I “REALLY” want to share this with you because I think it’s one of the best CRMS out there.

You be the judge and tell me if you use other programs that can beat this one. (503) 617-6287

2) If you want to know about the affiliate program, that’s a whole other topic, call me or send me a note. I will respond.


August 8, 2009

What is the importance of Attitude In Professional development when we communicate and speak?

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This question was posed to me today;

What is the importance of Attitude In Professional development when we communicate and speak?

On Attitude can you Focus more?
Importance of Attitude In communication and public speaking.

I wasn’t sure if they were looking for a professional opinion, expertise or personal opinion?

Either way, attitude is everything.  I’m not an expert by any means, however I am a positive, passionate person on my subject matter and it is in your demeanor that communicates the most.  You can have a positive sounding person giving a presentation, but if their demeanor says otherwise then they are a phony or having a bad day 🙂  Public speaking should be as natural as talking to your best friend or neighbor, being relaxed and comfortable with your subject matter.  It will be obvious to others if you are not practiced or familiar with your subject or speaking experience.  I’m not a “witty” person per sae (I have some), so I would not load my content or engagements outside my personal comfort zone, I prefer a genuine disposition.  If you try to be something you’re not it shows.  I would engage my audience through my passion, not wit, and I’m not a stuffed shirt, so I would have fun with them too.  However, in speaking you also have to play to your audience, if they are stuffed shirts your demeanor should reflect the group without loosing your sense of self.  Confidence is vital because if you’ve been asked to speak then the organizers must believe that you have something to say, so say it with confidence no matter who your audience is.  Is this the answer they were looking for?

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