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July 27, 2009

What is a Virtual Admin?

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What is a Virtual Admin?

Retaking my career never sounded so good.  I started Crystal Clear 11 years ago with a dream of working from home in a virtual environment and now after a “long” hiatus working in corporate environments and learning a great deal from technology advancements to operations and end user interface systems I am happy to say the virtual world has changed for the better.

Today the so important web site is free with interactive devices managing visitor tracking, downloading widgets, and live video.  This isn’t your mama’s kitchen anymore it’s the master chef culinary smorgasbord of technology at our finger tips.  The chore is remembering what your purpose is and sticking to it, not getting lost or worse yet devoured by all the gadgets and blog spaces.  The  average person has taken an amazing storm in the world of social media.  If you are in the least clever and jubilant with prose then you have the gift of twix and that’s what it’s all about being able to create an ambiance of savoir-faire to grab the subtle and exploit the obvious with words, like the perfectly laid table at an elegant restaurant.

Perfection can be achieved.  Every i is dotted, every t is crossed and all metaphors bring the reader back to the main point of capturing a captivated audience.  I’m selling it, you want to buy it, but its how I offer it that counts.  The Japanese in gift sharing are not alone impressed by the gift, but how much effort was taken into its wrapping.  If presentation is everything then delivery must be second to none.  That’s who the Virtual Admin is, the whole package, presentation through delivery.


July 24, 2009

Hello world!

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Hello World!

I hope to bring the wonderful world of Virtual Admins a new perspective to the already developing community and share other VA’s sites, experiences and expertise.  I have seen such a creative business environment developing that I hardly have time to read it all.  What I will bring back here is information and tools to make us successful.  I look forward to arriving with you in business and success!

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After 8 months using WordPress I realized it’s components are much more valuable than strictly business, the humanity component has surfaced where I hope my readers understand how business and community work hand in hand.  As business professionals there is an obligation to give back to your community, as community citizens we have an obligation to step up and serve.  I have been given down time in my career and with that I have spent it volunteering in our local organizations to help improve the lives of others so they can help themselves.

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