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May 13, 2014

Amicus curiae

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Amicus curiae & Cicero

Interesting Street names for our previous custom built Cooper Mtn Home 1974-1988
home of 5 acres on top of Cooper Mountain, now developed to Renaissance Point.

We hand Dug that pool and had our friends come over to raise the sides and fill it with water. It was the second in ground hand dug pool our family worked together on. It was worth every shovel, but this is the bright side up.

Blue Green Mountains Yellow Butterflies


November 24, 2013

Interview Like Your Dating?

Maybe. If you are at all finally getting the jest of why you may or may not be getting the jobs you are interviewing for, I find job searching is much like dating.

The tag “can’t live without it” has been on my mind recently after a few interviews. As an applicant, the employers have such intriguing qualities I want in my work environment. But, how do I woo them into hiring me and get what I need?

In dating, people are attracted to each other for all kinds of possibilities, just like an employer. Life, work, love is a concentric hub zone of people. When you find the right place, all the past obsessing comes to a close.

For men and women life is emotional, we all, on some level, sense chemistry. How we approach the “goodness of fit” or “badness”, that “right” gut instinct, the opposite of when abandon kicks in and just go with it. The abandon is the gut that didn’t listen or wasn’t paying attention.

The saying, “there are two sides to every story” is so apt. How you feel, how they feel, it all works, it’s all good until someone gets hurt. That agh of rejection, demoralizing, fragility. In love we have the Choice to say ya or nay.

Unlike dating, employment isn’t left with a choice to turn an opportunity down. But, when abandon pans out, it is all good.

Interviewing, like dating, references all the courtship like similarities. Checking out background, credentials, social connections, the buzz, only on a higher technical level. As recruiters try to pair up individuals, the social amortization affords a small window to the whole person. So, you look good on paper, they bring you in, your polished, sincere, evident, and the hiring manager wants to meet you.

The key like in a good relationship, is be honest. Start out with a great attitude, :-0) “gratitude”.

If anyone says life is perfect I hope I get to meet them someday, because that is not the norm and there will never be perfect, but an ideal can come pretty darn close. Why should we be penalized for breaking up with someone that wasn’t a good fit? To acknowledge the disconnect is better than arguing it was perfect. Move on. Hopefully the next “date” will have all the fan fare well deserved and you will make them feel unforgettable

When I did date, I loved putting on my best for “that guy”. There were butterflies and it all seemed so much fun. You know the one, the guy who takes all his dates to the same restaurant and the concierge gives the nod, because family is too close to the table for a rationale deduction of character in the early stages of a relationship. You got the nod because you treated them with respect and appreciation. It’s all about how you would treat a stranger in any situation, that shows good character. Kindness is a quality that will take you far and wide.

If you can get that feeling back professionally courting an employer, the best is yet to come.

November 22, 2013

Mosaic Skies

Granted words are a bit sketchy, but the memory’s vision is the windowpane of the mind. Seeing through emotion, wandering haphazardly over thoughts, drifting through time and again gradually coming back to familiar places that once were tangible and evident. Imagery so vivid you’d be there if it weren’t for words blocking the light. Stepping away, the fingers manage to think again lasting only a moment and then it’s gone like a butterfly fluttering on a summer’s day. See her tiny wings?

July 6, 2013


Writing is the extension of my Authentic Self in harmonic response to understanding truth with imagination in all that is. mdn

In my shoes, LOVE 528hz

“I am where the water meets the ocean from the mountains, rivers, lakes and streams.  Drink from my fountain for it pours from the heaven and it is free.” mdn, author


June 1, 2013

Many Hats

There once was a man with many hats, he wore them on every occasion. He knew when to remove them, how to greet all kinds of people and would teach his gentlemanly ways to young men in worldly preparation. As the years went by and fashion changed so did the art of fedoras, but the man continued his way tipping his bray never swaying from his litigation, that no matter the style; manners never wear out even when the brim is frayed. by Melissa D. Nourigat Image

February 7, 2013

The Irony in Words

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I was just looking up the word boondoggle,

A boondoggle is a project that is considered a useless waste of both time and money, yet is often continued due to extraneous policy motivations.”

Then I see below that it is also associated with the “bolo” worn by Boy Scouts.  How ironic that much good work, by such young men, represented by their uniform “necktie” is considered useless and unproductive.  I hope they stop using “boondoggle” to associate that particular garment piece.   

Perhaps the item itself seems useless to the eye, but to the imagination it reams character, resilience, protocol, function, habit, utility and all that a great Scouts have in store for them.  

When you think of the uses this “useless” garment has, we can jump into the realm of

MacGyver – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

MacGyver is an American action-adventure television series created by Lee David Zlotoff. Henry Winkler and John Rich were the executive producers.

I Loved that show!! I know he would use the bolo to scale a zip line, apply a tourniquet, and a gazillion more uses.  How would you use a boonedoggle?
Engage your Imagination!  


Where Dreams Go

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©®Lay down your sweet head beside me Love, where dreams go and feathers rest, a place that is meant for only us to gaze into the night, where others have missed. We are alone and shadows delight the walls.  Lay down your tranquil head My Love and we shall dance till dawn.©®

December 23, 2012

Santa Soles

Marketing and Branding ourselves for success whether as a business or individual consistently permeates the airwaves as the pathway to success. So, it is not unusual to think about Santa during the holidays as a shining example of the ideal brand. The remarkable part of Santa is he is over 1000 years “old” and that hasn’t stopped or slowed him down yet. As a matter of fact, his brand has grown exponentially! So, here’s a reminder for the naughty list, when you trade traits such as wisdom, experience, reliability, respect and endurance in, for something else, you get foolishly what you pay for.

Santa is a brand that has lasted centuries. Why? His Image. The concentric Santa premise has never changed, although he has evolved and transformed culture after generation. What can we take from the core of Santa’s success? He is a giver, he makes lists, he checks them twice, he’s jolly and wise, and he even smokes a pipe. The most wondrous aspect of Santa’s business is that he is respected by all girls and boys. His customer service is always on time. He incorporates helpers into his business plan. He gives credit for all efforts and acknowledges outstanding behavior.

What I love about the Santa brand is, as his business expands, know one knows his secrets. He is so stealth about what he does, nothing can get the drop on his next move. He creates intrigued and suspense – GENIUS! But, the one sure operational maneuver is that he will deliver on Christmas. Has Santa gone over board? Can his image last for future generations? “It can also be advocated that, although Santa Claus is not real, the Christmas spirit is real.”[104] Father Christmas was sent to restore the spirit of faith in this religious season and that is eternal. I BELIEVE…

Santa had a long term plan. Do you?

Santa Brand Book

No brand is safe from European branding gurus Blankkplatz, not even this one.
The Santa Brand Book – Quietroom

Santa. Brand Book. How to live the brand. Meet it. Greet it. Eat it. Distribution of
this Brand Book is strictly controlled and limited to authorised. *Santa* …
Quietroom: Brand guidelines for Santa Claus (TM)

Dec 6, 2010 … You can imagine how gloatful we were when santaclaus global enterprises
invited us to hew from our raw imagination their brand guidelines.
Santa’s Branding Strategy – Blogs – Times Union

5 days ago … Oh sure, Santa has updated his wardrobe and hairdo a bit, but his brand has
been solid for two centuries and doesn’t look like it’s going to fade.
‘Santa-centric’ Personal Branding: A ‘Claus’ for Celebration …

Dec 13, 2012 … christmas SANTA CLAUS Wallpaper If you have ever heard of Christmas,
celebrated Christmas, or sang along with such ubiquitous holiday …
Could Santa be the World’s Strongest Brand? – Reach

by William Arruda. Whether you believe in him or not. Whether you call him Santa
Claus, Pere Noel, Father Christmas or St. Nick. Whether you buy into his whole …!OpenDocument
swissmiss | Santa Brand Book

Dec 16, 2010 … The Santa Brand Book is one of the funniest branding spoofs I have come across.
Ever. Hat tip to Quietroom for pulling off the Santa Brand …
Branding Santa | Wilmington Design Company Blog

Dec 6, 2012 … Branding Santa The WDC team became immersed in the research phrase,
creating mood boards, hanging seasonal decor in the office before …
Santa Claus, place branding and competition | C. Michael Hall …

“Santa Claus has been described as the world’s strongest brand. Although Santa
Claus has been examined in the context of product and retail branding the …
10 Branding Tips from Santa. |

4 days ago … iStock 000002314619XSmall 150×150 10 Branding Tips from Santa. Whether
you celebrate Christmas or not, you’ve got to admit Santa Claus …

NORAD Photo credits

NORAD Photo credits

December 7, 2012

Donning A Pair of S©hin Kickers

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It’s one thing to blog about similar topics, but another to implement a program or use design ideas from someone else’s work w/o giving credit, asking permission or in the least even partnering.

In recent years, after using my registered copyright logo for my signature starting over 5 years ago and adapted from a similar Christmas card copyright design from December 1993, I find it intriguing the number of logo’s with similar designs popping up, some have been out of my home town. What is Logo Copyright infringement and or Art Copyright infringement? Do I need a Lawyer? Should I be flattered? My written works containing original ideas have also been adapted into a local municipal program without due credit. I have contacted an Attorney. User Beware.

“Theoretically, you own a copyright to something as soon as you express it in a fixed format.
According to the copyright laws of the United States, a person has a “common law” copyright to a creative expression once it has been expressed in a “fixed medium.” © Copyright 1996-2008 Greenberg & Lieberman and A + Legal ServicesTM

“Advantages of Copyright Registration: A registered copyright evidences the date of creation and places others on notice as to your rights to the creation. A copyright filed today will last the creator’s lifetime plus 70 years, of if a “work for hire,” the copyright lasts 95 years from publication or 120 years from creation, whichever is shorter.” © Copyright 1996-2008 Greenberg & Lieberman and A + Legal ServicesTM

Registered Copyright

Copy Rights Reserved

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